Clickerconference 2.0 – Rehabilitation out of the box

After a successful first edition, Effectief Trainen will again organise a clicker training conference! This edition will take place at January 26th 2019 in Ede, the Netherlands. You are very welcome to come! Even though this is a Dutch event, the main guest speakers PFERGO will present in English and a Dutch-German interpreter and transcription  is arranged for you to enjoy the rest of the day.

The theme will be ‘Rehabilitation out of the box’ because the use of positive reinforcment creates many new possibilities. It can be used to rehabilitate horses both physically and mentally. If you like to dive into this R+ rehab world for one day, you should definitely be there! We will discuss a range of topics from working with obstacles to Intrinzen and ergotherapy for horses. You can find the ticket sale at the bottom of this page.

In short

What: The program consists of interactive lectures by PFERGO, Martine van der Ploeg and Sandra Poppema (Hippologic), a discussion about the use of clicker training for rehabilitation and a training square where you can meet trainers and therapists and design a training plan for your horse. The lecture of PFERGO is in English, for other activities a Dutch-German interpreter and transcription is arranged.
For who: any horse owners and trainers who like to learn more about positive reinforcement horse training and using this for rehabilitation. Basic knowledge of clicker training and learning theory is recommended.
January 26th, 2019 from 09.00-17.00.
The building ‘De Schuilplaats’ in Ede, Gelderland (the Netherlands). The address of the location is Otterloseweg 18a 6718ZM Ede.
Ticket sale:
Buy your ticket using the form at the bottom of this page. Ticket fee for the complete day is €60,- and includes a vegetarian lunch, drinks and snacks. It is also possible to buy a ticket for the PFERGO lecture only (€50,-).

Ticket sale clicker training conference
Street and street number, zip code, city and country.
Ticket price complete conference: €60,-. Ticket price PFERGO lecture only: €50,-.
Applicable only for persons under 25 y/o. Ticket price: €55,-. Ticket price PFERGO lecture only: €50,-.
If you do not have experience with clicker training, you are recommended to read about its basic principles. This will enable you to understand the lectures even better. However, we do have some time reserved for a Q&A for you to ask any questions you may have on starting with clicker training.
Awesome if you like to contribute! The clicker conference is exactly about that, sharing knowledge to get together to a higher level of horse training. Effectief Trainen will contact you to discuss further details.
After submitting this form you will receive further information about the conference and payment details as soon as possible. Your participation is official only after Effectief Trainen has received payment of your ticket. Bought tickets can not be refunded. In case you are somehow unable to attend the conference, you may sell your ticket to other persons in agreement with Effectief Trainen.