09.00-09.30 Arrival
09.30 Opening speech by Ananja Stehouwer of Effectief Trainen
09.45 PFERGO lecture part 1 ‘Ergotherapy for horses – that´s why body awareness is so important’ by Yvonne Katzenberger en Dr. Ruth Katzenberger-Schmelcher
11.00 PFERGO lecture part 2 ‘Training and Rehabilitation with ergotherapy’
12.00 Eat & meet lunchprogram:
– Design a fitness plan for your horse
– Have a go at the indoor obstacle course
– Ask all your questions to trainers and therapistst like Janneke Koekhoven of Fed up Fred, Yvonne and Ruth of PFERGO and the Dutch organisation for horse brain puzzles
– Put your ideas of the ideal education of a young horse at the brainstorm wall
14.00 Lecture ‘Improving balance of the horse using the Intrinzen method’ by Martine van der Ploeg
14.30 Video lecture with live Q&A ‘A better quality of life with clicker training’ by Sandra Poppema of Hippologic
15.30 United Clickertrainer Debate where we will discuss questions such as ‘Is it possible that I ask to much physical effort of my horse using positive reinforcement?
16.30 Ending